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We all have forms and supplies, skins and antlers/horns excess to requirements. Or items we have purchased that did not fit their need. Now you can cash those items up or trade for something useful.

All negotiations are between individual parties. NZTA takes no responsibility for the condition of any items or any deals that go wrong.

To avoid problems members should a list, giving an accurate description of the goods e.g. age, size and condition and upon request send photo images first, then in good faith send to the other member to inspect and pay the amount plus courier if you wish to purchase or if not interested immediately return via courier at their cost.

List items by categories
Skins: Cape/Full-body, Raw/Salted/Wet tanned/Dry Tanned.
Specimens: Frozen or fresh
Horns, Antlers, skulls and tusks.
Supplies: (eyes, ear liners etc)
Miscellaneous: hardware, machines etc

The editor reserves the right not to publish any advert.
The NZTA reserves the right to refuse to advertise any goods that are not compliant with CITES, the Wildlife Act 1953 or the Animal Products Act 1999.